Sunday, February 22, 2015

girls just wanna have fun!

so apparently even though this is Las Vegas, some clubs do not like flashing. We got kicked out of the club. But sometimes the girls just want to come out and have some fun too!  But it's Ok.  the after party with naked men and women was pretty damn fun.  see? It really does pay to be one of my stunt cocks lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

shoot day! part 2

Yes!  The long awaited (or maybe not awaited at all) part 2 to my shoot day post crazily titled, i know, this is wacky, hold on to your hats. part 1!

so, my friends, we left off with a run down of what happens the day before shoot week aka hell week starts, and ended right at 10 am on the day the first shoot starts.  now, this is a rundown of shoots post-The VP.  shoots pre-The VP were completely different.  that's another journal entry entirely.

now, as i recall from part 1, my pussy was tingling with anticipation because in just a few moments, i would be welcoming my first stunt cock of the day!

here's a bit of history.

way back when i first met The VP, we maximized every single minute of our shoot times.  we would typically shoot on a friday, saturday and sunday, usually in tampa or some other florida city. and i would stay in that city to escort the monday, tuesday and wednesday after the shoots. (OMG, remind me to tell you the story of "the wild man" shoot in tampa sunday night when i had an escorting client arriving literally moments after the shoot and what i had to do to hide some evidence!)  ANYWAY, i would typically rent a nice hotel room and we would set up shop.  

well, at first i would rent nice hotel rooms.  then, as my popularity grew and The VP's skillz grew and we started making good money, the hotel room changed to a two bedroom hotel suite complete with full kitchen, then to townhouses, then to houses and now to beautiful mcmansions i affectionately dub "porn palaces."

but anyway, back to the beginning.  since i was paying for a nice room, i understandably wanted to get my money's worth, so i would check in early friday morning if allowed, and would be ready for shoots at 10 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.  yup, you read that right.  every two hours a new shoot with a new "stuntcock".  i should have asked for a room with a fricken revolving door.  

as my stunt cock arrives, he is greeted at the door by either me or The VP, and is led to a table where there are cheese, crackers, veggies with dip, our former mascot of pretzel M&Ms, water, gatorade, pepperidge farm cookies, fruit, soft drinks and mixers for drinks.  if i don't answer the door, it is because i am changing from the last shoot, giving a soon to arrive costar directions, cleaning the coochie from the last shoot, or other activities that a lady cannot mention. not that i'm a lady but i figured you would get bored.  The VP gets the paperwork out of the way as Mr. SC arrives.  

Stuntcocks have to sign a model release stating they are over 18 and are giving me rights to publish the images, a picture of their photo ID proving they are over 18 is taken, and finally a 2257 form is signed, that lovely paperwork that is shown to the eff bee eye if they come a-knocking on my door checking my paperwork to prove so and so in such a such video was not a child when we shot us doing this and that.  

Now let the record show that there were actually shoots I did 100% sober!  i did not partake in anything that would have rendered my consciousness altered in any way.  and there have been plenty of shoots here i have been...ahem...tipsy.   but, let the record also show that there were actually shoots that I DO NOT REMEMBER!  more on that later.  

sometimes i feel like drinking, sometimes i don't, and i honestly don't see a difference in the quality of my shoots whether i am drinking or not.

So, if handsome, gorgeous, virile, manly, sexy stuntcock and i have not discussed exactly what we are going to shoot by now via phone or email or texts, this is the time where we will figure it out.  will anal be done.  where is the cumshot gonna be.  bareback or condoms.  a story line.  can he spank me, pull my hair and call me nasty filthy cumslut whore.  (by the way, the answer is yes, yes yes, and oh fuck yes).  can he pull out in time to cum all over my ass.  if it's the last scene of the day and i don't have to worry about my hair and makeup will it end with a facial cum scene.  does he like his balls licked.  does he like to get rimmed.  do i like to get rimmed.  what are his kinks.  my list of kinks that rivals the length of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow whether african OR european.  oh wait, wrong blog.  (shout out to fellow monty python fans there.)

now i know there are people who like to get to know their costars and stuntcocks who prefer some type of conversation before they get down to business but honestly, it doesn't matter to me either way.  i have been in the bdsm world for decades, the swinging world for decades, in an open marriage when i was married for decades, went to gangbangs for decades and i am a nudist who knows no shame in the naked human body...i really don't need to know a person before we fuck.  fucking is fucking.  now if you are talking about a tantra session where there is sacred sexuality involved, that is a totally different story and i would much prefer we talk and get to know each other and see if we are on the same page first, because sacred sexuality and tantra is spiritual to me.  but fucking?  purely physical.  sometimes emotional.  maybe mental.  but rarely spiritual.  but never say never....

i was always a very sexual person and never believed that fucking was bad or evil or special or precious or something you give only to that special someone.  i thought it was fucking amazing!  and like a typical hedonist, what is better than something that is fucking amazing? MORE somethings that are fucking amazing!  so no worries when i went to bdsm parties with my Master and he told the whole room of mostly strangers they were welcome to come fuck me.  no worries about going to a new group's swinger party and diving headfirst in on an ongoing gangbang.  we'll get acquainted with each other's personal histories when we come up for air and water, thank you very much.  i'm the type of slut who knows within thirty seconds of meeting you whether or not i want to fuck you.  that's the truth.  it's all chemistry.  pheromones.  charisma.  swag.  you, dear sir, either have it, or you don't.  a thirty minute conversation with you isn't gonna magically make you grow some.  


so if my stuntcock is ready to fuck and doesn't need to break the ice, it's SHOOT TIME!  WHOOT!

but if he does need to break the ice, i have nothing against that.  we can shoot the shizz, share some drinks, swap stories, give him a lap dance, inappropriately grope his manmeat if he likes, play charades, whatever.  it's all good!  

but in that two hour time slot we will have shot at least 50 sexy photos and completed one video.  all my stunt cocks are welcome to receive a copy of the photos and the video.  bring your own flash drive and you can take it home right there.  otherwise, you can get the edited, finalized product the week it goes up live on my website via a secure download link. 

what goes on in the shoots, you ask?  FUN!  yes, i do this to make money.  but if my costar is not having fun, i'm not having fun.  

there will be laughing.  there will be inside jokes.  there will be clumsiness on my part because i am a klutz and may even fall off the bed.  i probably will fart at least once ESPECIALLY if i have been eating the veggies with dip.  you probably will get a blow job, we probably will fuck and you probably will cum.  you will be welcome to accost, fondle and otherwise violate my DD tits and huge wide-load (aka butt).  we may play a game of pool and fuck on the pool table.  we may sit in the hot tub and fuck in the hot tub.  we may or may not get drunk.  we may or may not scarf down copious quantities of M&Ms (as of now, almond M&Ms is my shoot mascot, no longer pretzel M&Ms.  sorry, caleb!  btw, that's an example of an inside joke.)   

point being, it's totally up to you.  i not only want to make money, i want to show guys who never shot before that making porn can be fun.  i do things differently, from what i've heard.  i don't treat my costars like cattle.  i have heard horror stories of guys who fantasized about shooting with their favorite porn star, and when they actually had the opportunity, they were treated like shit and were made to feel like commodities that are not worthy of any connection other than signing the paperwork, performing, and having to get the hell out of there cuz your purpose (and hard-on) has expired.

so, this happened at 10 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm.  we wrapped at 10 pm.  twelve hours.  longer, actually, because i got up at 8 am to start getting shoot-ready.  shower, hair, make up, slut clothes, 6" fuck-me-heels, props. enemas if anal was gonna be shot that day, de-hairing the face, arms, legs and coochie, etc.  

yeah, we're pretty exhausted come 10 pm.  every muscle in my body is aching and The VP's knees, even with knee pads, are creaking.

now, you didn't see any breaks on that schedule, did you?  you didn't see any meal times either, did you?  that's cuz we didn't take any.  we were there to WORK.  what's this meal time break thing?  HAH!  that's for sissies!  pussies!  wimps!

until The VP put his foot down a year or two ago and said we were gonna take meal breaks.  i compromised.  we would take meal breaks, ok.  but ONLY if someone cancelled!  hah!  take that!

speaking of which, what's a great way to tick off an obsessive-compulsive porn star who feels the shoot schedule she has labored over for weeks coordinating it to a T is on par with other written holy books like the koran, the bible and the talmud?  yeah, you got it.  don't show up on her.  no phone call, no text, no email, no twitter DM, no facebook PM, just dead silence.  

as stephanie tanner immortalized, "how. rude." 

i have no tolerance for no-shows, unless you can prove you were in a coma proven through notarized hospital records in a jungle with no cell phone service and a dead cell phone with no way to buy a new battery.  and even then, you should have arranged for someone to call in for you just in case of said coma.

i used to get ticked off but no longer.  now, it's either solo shoot time with all the new sex toys i just bought for the shoot and can't wait to try out, or ALLOWING The VP the PRIVILEGE to eat a meal.  maybe.  if he's lucky.  but know this for sure:  that no-show will be taken off my shoot notification list for ever and ever, amen.  praise be.  he no longer exists in my world.

speaking of no longer, we no longer do the two hour time slot schedule.  why, you ask with bated breath.  well, two reasons.

1.  i had a brainstorm about a year ago that if we got six photo sets and six videos in a typical two hour time slot shoot day, how about we change the time slots to three hours each, and get two photo sets and two videos out of each time slot?  brilliant!  now, we get EIGHT photo sets and EIGHT videos per day!  tah-dah!

sounds so efficient and smart and business wise, doesn't it?  well, yeah, heh, here's reason 2.

2.  i'm getting old.  i believe in working smarter now, not working harder.  let's have the same guy do two videos and two photo sets in three hours instead of one video and one photo set in two hours, and it will save us time and ENERGY. ( precious, precious commodity of the young!) we already have a camaraderie.  we already have the paperwork done.  we may have already each drank a half bottle of vodka and are raring to have another round at it!  he's primed, my pussy is wetter than a rainforest in the rainy season, why end it now!?

see, before, we were banking lots of footage in the can for future emergency use.  what if i got sick?  what if The VP got sick?  what if i were stuck in a loony bin for months?  what if i was on a world-wide escorting tour and got arrested and disappeared into a dark prison ad ravaged by my prison guard who happened to look like Dolvett Quince for months?  what if my UNFULFILLED (hint hint) fantasy of being kidnapped and used as a sex slave by virile, sexy, six pack abs, horny mandingos who happen to look like trey songz, ludacris, blair underwood, lenny kravitz, columbus short, all of the wayans brothers, and frank ocean came true for days?  so we update four photo sets and four videos a month, and there are 4.3 weeks in a month, but we have six shoots to show for our monthly shoot weekend, we had a little buffer.  but as a hedonist, what's better than six shoots?  EIGHT SHOOTS!  now i can be kidnapped and used as a sex slave by virile, sexy, six pack abs, horny mandingos for months! 

and nowadays, the VP flies to vegas, and we shoot for six days, meaning we should have 36 photo sets and 36 videos when he boards that big bird back to that big sandbar known as florida.  but if we do it the new way, we now have FORTY-EIGHT sets in the can.  if you're a numbers geek like me, you are literally creaming in your jeans right now.

and so for the last two or three shoot weeks, we have tried this.  

the results?  eh.  sometimes it works.  sometimes the chemistry is so fucking amazing hot that we are thrilled with the footage.  but sometimes the first shoot is delayed and delayed and delayed and there is no time to get the second shoot in.  sometimes the costar may have drank just a weeeeeeeeeee tiny bit too much and can't perform.  sometimes the stuntcock had to cancel so instead of  The VP and i taking a "short break" to eat and then do all solos for the rest of that time slot, the "short break" turns into a....oh, i don't know, a THREE HOUR LONG "short break".  sometimes that damn hot tub bubbling outside sings its siren song to me and my cramped, spasming muscles can't resist.  sometimes the food The VP makes actually makes me hungry (he lately has been cooking steaks on the grill, damn him!)

now here where it gets interesting.  ok, maybe not interesting for you cuz i see those yawns.

but five years ago, i would have been stressing.  majorly stressing.  like obsessive-compulsive type stressing.  here's an example:

mr. nuttz invited me and one of my porn bffs, eden, to come up to detroit to shoot a number of years ago.  this was right in the height of my scheduling OCD time.  beau jingles, amethyst, eden, mr. nuttz, rocweiler jaksun, don prince, charlie hustle and others were all in the room enjoying themselves, networking, building relationships, laughing, schmoozing, having a great time!  and all i could think about was, "i took off work unpaid, i paid money to fly in here, and WE ARE NOT SHOOTING!  we are supposed to be SHOOTING!  do you hear me, dangnambit, SHOOOOOOOOTING! aaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!"  now i didn't say all this out loud but i am sure the nasty vibes i must have been throwing off said all this loud and clear.  i'm surprised none of them didn't pick me up and boot me out the door.  just goes to show you these were all good peeps. 

well.  fast forward some years.  enter a key player.  a twenty-first century miracle.  a fucking amazing creation thanks to the world of science.  it's called....drum roll please.....PAXIL.

yes, paxil. 

according to wikipedia, paxil treats:  "major depression [which i have], obsessive compulsive disorder [which i have not been technically diagnosed with but may have], panic disorder [which i have], social anxiety disorder [which i have], PTSD [i don't THINK i have] and generalized anxiety disorder [which i have].

oh my god, becky.  do you know how differently my life would be right now if i was on this pharmacological godsend decades ago?  for one thing, i wouldn't have all this fucking grey hair, lemmetellya.

so, mr. nuttz, may i please have a detroit redo?  with charlie and beau and amethyst and don and eden?   please?  please???  i'll suck your nuts.  well, you know i love sucking your nuts anyway but i'll suck them even better for a redo, i swear!

anyway.  let's visit my last round of shoots.

if you ever received one of my pre-shoot emails, there are a bunch of rulez.  one of the rulez is:  don't bring any lookie-lous.  there are many reasons for that, but one of the reasons is, the more people you have in a room, whether they are behind the camera, or in front of the camera, the longer it will take for that scene to finally get underway.  and when you are an OCD shoot schedule adherent, that delayed start can make the next shoot start late, which makes the shoot after that start even later, which means the whole rest of your day is fucking off schedule.  or no fucking at all.  which means making no fucking money.  which means a major meltdown for said OCD shoot schedule adherent.

but, as i said, i am getting older.  and i have paxil now!!!  (throws confetti and dances nekkid!)  praise be to the porn god/desses!  so during my post-avn shoots, i did as i usually do, and i rented a porn palace.  

but this time, and this is major, people, believe you me,  i invited Team VP's people to come in and use the house too.

ah mah gahd.  

five years ago, i could have never done this.  but that was pre-paxil.  heh heh heh.

how many shoots should i have gotten during this post-avn shoot?  20.  twenty photo sets, twenty videos.  two and a half days of shooting.  monday 4 pm and 7 pm.  tuesday 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm.  wednesday 10 am, 1 pm 4 pm and 7 pm. 

how many did i actually get done?  erm...ummm...wellllll.....hah!  i don't know!  i kinda don't care!  wait, i mean i do care cuz it cost me a lot of money (see, paxil only works so much, lol) but i kinda don't care cuz....omg...IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

now, i was bad.  i admit that.  you are not supposed to drink when you are on paxil.  but i was bad.  oooopsies!  and i did warn the VP that, dammit, for once, (and this was the paxil speaking), i'm just gonna let things HAPPEN and, damn the schedule, HAVE FUN!  and DRINK!  my shoot schedule was just a rough estimate, a flexible guide, of what COULD have happened.  no shows?  hah!  they don't know what they're missing!  heeeeyyyy we have a world series of poker card table here!  who wants to play cards?  heeeeeeeeyyyyy, that hot tub reached 101 degrees - first one in the hot tub gets a blow job!  oh, LOOK!  BOOBIES!  come here, you!   geez your lips are SOFT!  heeeeeeeeeeeyyyy, there's a pool table!  i may not be able to tell which one is the cue ball, but who wants to shoot?  

you would think i was in a manic phase of bipolar.  but i wasn't.  (i oughta know, cuz i'm bipolar too!  hah hah.)  (remind me to tell you of my long long journey to abilify and wellbutrin someday, paxil's beloved cousins.) 

now comes the scary part.  cue the melodramatic music.

first of all, the love of my life swung by and AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT.  not only that, but the love of my life swung by and did a hot three-some shoot with juicy jasmine and myself.  AND I REMEMBER NONE, NADA, NOT UNO MOMENTO of it.  

and the love of my life swung by and i am told he and i fucked before the shoot, and we fucked after the shoot.  AND I REMEMBER NONE OF IT.  The VP had to send me the footage of the shoot to see why the love of my life said it was such a fucking hot shoot.  (and for the record, it IS A FUCKING HOT SHOOT.  of course it is.  he's the love of my life!!!) 

i was told the love of my life and i went out to get booze cuz we ran out AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT.  i know he wouldn't let me drive in that state and he doesn't drive drunk, thank god/dess.  but i know we got booze cuz shore nuff, there was more booze in the freezer when i was semi sober the next morning.

i don't like it that there are whole hours of those days gone, and i have no recollection of them.  actually, it scares the shit out of me, no enema needed.

i know there was a beautiful latina lady who came to the house two days in a row and she had a gang bang and i vaguely remember picking up a camera and filming the love of my life fucking her and i remember i was so wet between my legs filming it (i love to watch him fuck other people) that i wanted to drag him upstairs and rape him afterward.  but that's all i remember of that even though i was told i shot a pretty good portion of that gangbang.  gawd, whoever's camera that was, i sure hope you can use the footage and that i didn't fuck it up too much.  

i also know i did something really stupid, like got through with a really fun and sexy shoot and came sailing downstairs on a endorphin high and said really loud to mr nuttz, "hey, i'm ready for our shoot now!" only to peek around the corner and see that he was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOOT and all the people standing around were not talking because they were SHOOTING.  and this gorgeous girl with gorgeous eyes looks up from her blowjob she was giving to mr. nuttz and i swear i could have melted into the ground like the wicked witch of the west and would have been happy never to have been seen again.

fuck.  now that's a fucking newbie mistake, and this ten year adult entertainment veteran did a fucking newbie mistake.  one thing i gotta say for lyla everwett, she was very sweet when i apologized to her afterward and didn't make me feel like a complete fucking idiot.  and i sincerely apologize to her editor for the extra work i caused.  as for mr. nuttz, well, that's just another excuse for me to get on my knees and suck his luscious balls, not that i ever need an excuse to do that. 

i also know, and this part is even more excruciatingly embarrassing, but this is a tell-all post, after all, from people telling me afterward that a certain person who contacted me on twitter weeks before my post-avn shoots and asked me to shoot with them, even though that type of shoot typically reduces my sales, but i said yes to anyway, turned around and blew me off and did not return my replies and then finally told me they would not be in town the dates of my shoots and they could not change their travel reservations....only to have them show up at the porn palace, on one of the days of my shoots, to meet everyone who was there, i am assuming.  from what i understand, i was not kind to this person, and i regret that.  i don't like being unkind.  i don't want to be unkind.  i wish i could remember myself what i did, and not have to hear it secondhand from witnesses and i wish i could rewind the tape and have a redo. i should have been kind and gracious and i should have been above what i was told i did. 

the moral of the story is, paxil does not stop you from being a bitchy asshole or a mean cunt.  although i really do try not to be an asshole or a mean cunt.  and i rarely am, truly.  you really gotta piss me off to make that come out in me.  but being unkind to this person, i know, was the six partial bottles of vodka that i had consumed by this time -- BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE.  i was still an assholish cunt. and someday i will apologize to this person.  when i am not pissed off any more about what this person did.  um, and now i need my paxil dose, thankyouverymuch.

so....what does the future hold?  

i predict, no tarot cards or crystal ball needed, that future shoots will be a combination of pre-paxil one-shoot-every-two-hours-or-two-shoots-every-three-hours with a good dose of post-avn-shoots-free-for-all.  minus the drunken assholish cunt part.

i've only been in the adult industry for ten years.  and i plan on being in it for decades more.  the way i see it, i still have decades to go before i find that perfect recipe of the perfect shoot week.  there needs to be balance, methinks. but i'll tell you one thing.  it sure is going to be a hell of a lot of fun trying to get that perfect balance right in the meantime.  :-)  because:

i have two shoot mottoes:  



ANYTHING FOR THE SHOOT!  (another inside joke back to the Fetish Fantasy SC2 (Leather Lady) and Cowboy4u shoot days) 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Why I do not use Talent Testing Services

When I go to the doctor, especially my gynecologist, I am truthful about what I do. I used to tell my doctors the truth that I was in an open marriage, and later when we were divorced, that I was a swinger and in open relationships. I think they figured something was going on, because I asked fr STD testing a lot more than your average patient.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I decided to be even more open and honest with my health care practitioners and I told them I do amateur porn. My GP understood the necessity of frequent testing and obliged by writing me orders for yet another round of STD testing before each set of shoots. Then I had to get my yearly Pap smear and mammogram (my mom had breast cancer so I get one annually due to high risk) at my gynecologist, and I told her what I do and that I needed to be retested because I had shoots coming up. She pulled up my records from my GP and saw what tests he usually ordered. She said, "I know Dr. XXXXXXX has ordered chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and so forth, but I test for EVERYTHING." I said, sign me up! and off I went to the lab.

My gynecologist tests for EVERYTHING. and i do mean EVERYTHING.

even when i lived in florida and went to the county health department and they knew i was in porn, even they didn't test me for everything my las vegas gynecologist tests me for.

so one day i went to talent testing's website. talent testing, in case you don't know, is one of the porn industry's testing network so you can get very quick results to prove you are disease free and thus safe to work with in a porn shoot.

here is a list of their most comprehensive testing package, the gold panel:

Trichomonas Vaginalis
Syphilis (RPR)
TREP-SURE EIA - Treponema pallidum Antibody, IgG by ELISA

what exactly are these tests, you ask. Well, ok, maybe you aren't really asking, but humor me and pretend you are asking.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
HBsAG is the hepatitis B virus.
Anti-HCV is the hepatitis C virus.
Trichomonas Vaginalis
Treponema pallidum is the bacteria that causes syphilis.

Pretty comprehensive, wouldn't you say? you would think that after having been tested for all that, you could walk out and say to your next sex partner, "i'm clean!" right?


My gynecologist was visibly upset that a testing company that is the industry standard leaves out some very important tests. She made it clear to me what Talent Testing is lacking.

Genital herpes/oral herpes (HSV-1/HSV-2)
Genital warts
HPV (human papillomavirus)
Hepatitis A
Bacterial vaginosis
Chancroid (Haemophilus ducreyi)
Granuloma inguinale or (Klebsiella granulomatis)
Candidiasis (yeast infection)
Hepatitis D
Hepatitis E
Molluscum contagiosum virus MCV

Say what???


Good grief. I asked her why would a company allow porn talent to go out and work without being more thorough. her opinion was threefold:

1. money. it would be cost prohibitive for the testing facilities to test for all these nasties and most people in the porn industry could not afford to pay for all these tests before a shoot.
2. time. some of these tests require a swab of the mouth. vagina, cervix and/or penis to run a culture. this would take more time for the drawing facility to take the swabs, and would take the lab more time to get results back to the patient.
3. and finally, the dirty little secret: some of these STDs are so prevalent, and are spreading so rapidly, it would decimate the porn industry if talent were tested for it. let me explain.

This boggled my mind: there are 318.9 million people in the USA.

HPV:   25% of the american population has HPV and according to the CDC, sometime in your life you will probably have it. just in case you didn't know, there is a link between HPV and cervical cancer.  don't you think we should be tested for something that could cause us cancer? one of our own, angelique pettyjohn, died of cervical cancer at the age of 49. shouldn't we be more vigilant about this?

HERPES:  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one out of six people in the United States aged 14 to 49 have genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 infection (the herpes simplex virus often responsible for genital herpes). The overall genital herpes statistic is probably higher, the CDC stated, since many people are also contracting genital herpes through oral sex caused by HSV-1 (the kind of herpes usually responsible for cold sores). Taking that into account, genital herpes statistics are usually quoted at closer to 25 percent for women and 10 percent for men, but most of these people don’t even know they have it. now my gynecologist said, and it makes sense, that people in porn will likely be passing herpes to each other more so than the general population because, as i have said crudely for years, the porn industry family is incestuous and sooner or later, we will all fuck each other either directly or indirectly. so, the likelihood that people in porn has a much higher percentage rate of herpes is logical. but the scary part is, MOST OF US DON'T KNOW IF WE HAVE IT because it is often times asymptomatic all your life, and WE DON'T GET TESTED FOR IT by talent testing.

i need to get a few hours of sleep so i am going to end this for now. but for your own sake, please don't think you are "disease free" just because you got tested. be sure you get tested for EVERYTHING. in some cases, ignorance is not bliss. i often ask my fellow sexworkers, when was the last time you were tested for everything that talent testing doesn't test for? most people have never been fully tested. they may not want to know. they may not be able to afford a complete work up. they may think they are "clean" because they have no symptoms (even though many STDs can be carried by you and passed along by you without your knowledge). People, don't we owe it to ourselves, and if not to ourselves, to our fellow sexworkers to #knowyourstatus ? not just your talent testing status, but your COMPLETE status?

think about it.

for the sake of your next coworker.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

two sides to every story

i always have the best intentions to blog but life gets in the way.  there's so much to write about, but so little time to do it!

but one thing i've been wanting to cover for a very long time is a voice of reason in response to a very bitter, hateful, insecure and jealous person's blog.  this has been bothering me because. as anyone who has known me for more than 15 minutes can attest, i hate lies and i cannot tolerate liars.

this person has taken her negativity and spewed it all around to denigrate all those unlucky enough to have come in contact with her, including my dear friends in Team VP, as best she could.

instead of addressing each and every entry of her blog, paragraph by paragraph, i will just address two items that have bothered me the most.  

this person has incorrectly stated that the porn moratoriums in 2014 were mandatory.  if she would just take a moment from her volatile and irrational temper, and check her facts, she would find that every article on the internet about the porn moratoriums in 2014 states that they were all voluntary, and not mandatory.  the only time you see the word "mandatory" in these articles is when it mentions mandatory STD testing for the actors, and mandatory use of condoms in porn valley. there is not one word about a mandatory moratorium.  furthermore, if you google "voluntary porn moratorium", you will see several pages of articles stating that they were, in fact, by the National Coalition for Free Speech's own words, all voluntary.  

furthermore, these voluntary moratoriums addressed the major mainstream studios and not necessarily the amateur industry.  

if everyone has been tested before an amateur shoot, and has not had any contact with anyone from a major mainstream studio after testing, it would be like saying that if you bought pet food from china that turned out to be tainted, you should not buy any dog food from idaho, either.  this is not logical.  one has nothing to do with the other.  as long as appropriate measures are in place, there is no need to worry about the unsafe product from china if your dog has had no exposure to that particular dog food.  

it's not trying to get away with something, or thinking that you are above the law, as she accused.  it's just simply common sense.  

another grievance brought up was the use of fake cum.  here's the facts:

porn is fantasy (surprise!).  does every pizza delivery boy, every maintenance man and every cable guy get to fuck their nubile, gorgeous, perfectly made-up, hairstyled, scantily clad, 6 inch heeled, firm and perky DD breasted, perfect asses, creamy skinned customers?  in a perfect world, the answer would be, "fuck, yeah!" and the lines for job interviews for such fields would be very long indeed.  but porn is fantasy.  fake hair, fake tans, fake makeup, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake scenarios, sometime even fake boners using oral or injected medication, and, ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats, sometimes, even with the best of 'em, fake cum!


yes, it's a dirty little secret in the porn industry that fake cum is used.  and not just on amateur sets but, double gasp! on mainstream sets.  

think about it.  you are renting a studio, the expensive photography lightbulbs are burning, hair and makeup artists are on deck, the air conditioner is sucking expensive electricity, the director and cameramen are waiting, and waiting, and waiting, everyone is tired and wants to end the stupid shoot, and every minute costs money.  and costing money cuts into your budget.  but the guy can't cum.  do you really think the porn studios are going to waste precious time and money by waiting and waiting and waiting for a guy who can't perform the "money shot?"

you don't need a master's degree to figure out the answer to that.

so, there are tricks of the trade.  i won't give them all away, but if you google "porn fake cum" you will see some pretty elaborate recipes, certain lubes that look like cum once you've fucked using them (Silk, to name one), and two products that are commonly used in (gasp again!) mainstream porn:  pina colada mix, and eucerin lotion.

i won't name names, but i talked to three men who have shot on mainstream pro sets, and all three men named those two products:  eucerin, and pina colada mix.  and all three men verified that, hell yes, fake cum is used by every studio they have shot with.  not just amateur studios, but the major players.

now this person who blogged the whole fake cum controversy certainly did not put up any fight whatsoever when fake cum was used in her particular scene.  she herself posted behind the scenes footage.  footage, by the way, which was taken with no knowledge of any of the other participants in the room.  

more about that later.  

but, if she was so set against using fake cum, why didn't she say something?  anything?  in fact, not one peep was made by her in the behind the scenes footage she herself recorded.

this person also claims that personal information was publicly given out about her.  however, in her own blog, she has posted screen shots that give out personal information about people with whom she has been in communication.  this seems very hypocritical.  

but let's say for the sake of argument, her personal information was outted first. perhaps this is her way of getting revenge by also posting personal information. 

something to ponder:  do two wrongs make a right?  if you publicly state someone has wronged you by posting your private information, is it not also wrong for you to post their private information?

the beautiful eliza allure has posted a recording of this person showing what this person is really like.  this person certainly cannot complain about this recording, as she herself is guilty of recording and then publicly posting videos taken without people's knowledge, and probably knows that if she makes too big a fuss about this recording, she would have to take down her own ill-gotten recordings.

so, as not one. not two, but three people who i admire have told me not to waste my time and energy on this person, i shall no longer do so.  i did feel it was time somebody has a lasting public rebuttal to what was accused.  and so i feel i have accomplished that goal.  but i shall certainly waste no more time or energy on her.  

instead, i shall let her very own words speak for her:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I suppose it's no surprise to anyone who has seen a lot of my work that i am attracted to black men more than anything.

why?  that's a whole 'nother subject for another day.  and i'm looking forward to writing that entry!

it's been my goal to get two queen of spades tattoos before my fall 2014 shoots and i can proudly say with great excitement that i will be getting this one

on my ankle and

this one on my butt cheek

in two days, two hours and twenty-five minutes!!!

this is a dream come true and i am truly proud to be a part of the wonderful people who love interracial relationships, sex, porn, and all other aspects.

special thank you to all my fans and followers who helped me decide which ones to get and where to put them.

my only regret, just like being involved in porn, escorting, and all the other sex work i've done, is that i didn't do it sooner.

would you like to shoot with me?  there's still time to sign up for my fall shoots on oct 29, 30, 31, nov 3, 4 and 5 in beautiful las vegas. simply email me with FALL SHOOTS in the subject line (

part 2 of a typical shoot day blog entry will be coming very soon.  thanks for reading!

you can see the bulk of my work at

my interracial clips4sale store is at

follow me on twitter at @sammieSC2

have a great day!  and keep on cumming! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

"let's hang out after we shoot" = why this rarely happens

i absolutely love, love, love shoot weeks, even though they are grueling and take everything out of me.  i often have to take two days afterwards to recover.

when scheduling dozens of guys to shoot with me, i often feel so bad when the question inevitably gets asked, "hey can we hang out and chill after the shoot?"

as much as i'd love to, i rarely can.  here is a look into the crazy schedule of a shoot day so all you sweeties can understand why the answer is, "i'm so sorry (and i truly AM sorry), but no".

actually, we'll start with the day beforehand.

it usually starts with The VP arriving at some godawful time in the morning.  i think he does this on purpose to torture me.  i don't do mornings.  i hate mornings.  the only good things in mornings is: a) breakfast in bed (and then you go back to sleep afterward), b) morning sex (and then you go back to sleep afterward), and c) seeing a beautiful sunrise (and then you go back to sleep afterward).  

my typical bedtime is 4 am but i am often up til 7 am.  my usual wake up time is 11:30 am on days i have things to do, and my typical sleep in time is 12:30pm.  my morning equals most people's afternoons.

so, The VP, perhaps taking great glee in my schedule's ruination, arrives at around 8 am.  i am barely coherent and shouldn't be behind the wheel at that time of day, but i pick him up and pretend i'm awake, probably avoiding many accidents by pure luck at mccarron international airport.  

i drop him off at my house and go to the salon where i (now half awake) get my nails filled, a pedicure, my color polish is picked out in the hopes of matching the 40+ porn outfits i've packed for the shoots, an extra long leg message, my eyebrows waxed, eyelash extensions (never again!), and a really scrumptious facial.  

then i go back to my house and pick up the VP so we can go grocery shopping for the week.  fruit, snacks, melons, veggies and dip, cheese, crackers, water, flavored water, frozen dinners, trail mix, and booze.  lots of booze.  copious amounts of booze.

we leave most of the stuff in the car while we head back to my house.  usually the VP has work to do, and i head upstairs to do my stuff.  if there's anal scenes coming up, i'll start the first of several enemas to get me cleared out for tomorrow.  i color my hair, de-hair the cootch and my legs, ass, underarms, face and arms.  i do some with a depilatory cream, and some with an epilator.  i dislike using razors.  i've tried several epilators throughout the decades and currently have the emjoi emagine model.  highly recommend!  i do a few rounds of intense teeth whitening to make sure the smile looks good for the camera.  

by this time, i have to head out to my required chiropractor adjustment/full body massage/cervico-sacro-lumbar decompression therapy (today's answer for traction for bad backs).  ahh, that feels good.  i need this because i will be sleeping six days on bad beds that ruin my back.  plus it relaxes me and gets the good endorphins flowing.

since i have usually packed a day or so before, all we need to do is load up the car with our luggage.  actually, i shouldn't say "we."  because of my bad back and other health problems, its usually The VP who does the car loading and unloading although i do carry the little stuff!

so i head back to the house and within minutes, now that the car is packed to the gills (i hate big cars and i love my little import), and i can't even see out the rear window, we are ready to go.

last minute check on the house, leaving huge amounts of food and water for the cats (yes, i am a crazy cat lady), and readjusting the thermostat, off we go!!!

we head over to whatever porn palace i have rented, and let ourselves in.  first, we reconnaissance by taking a walking tour through the house.  we start counting shoots.  each room can be used multiple times for a shoot, depending on how you block it.  a room may have a nice oversized sitting chair, a couch, and a fireplace.  boom.  three solo locations right there.  add a stunt cock and boom, you've got even more shoots in the same room.  so we go through all the rooms and count.  The VP is also looking at the lighting.  We both prefer natural light (it can be softer on the skin than artificial light) even though we have brought several sets of professional lighting, and make a note of which shoots we want to do in the daytime to take advantage of that natural light.

then we settle in. unpack the food, lug stuff to their appropriate rooms, and i usually get the bedroom with the biggest bathroom and biggest closet, because of all the SHIT i have to bring to the shoots - make up, toiletries, hair products, porn outfits, sex toys, porn shoes, and on and on.  i start thinking about which outfit i want to wear in each room and by each piece of furniture.  i get my matching jewelry ready, and the porn shoes lined up.  i get my makeup all ready on the vanity.  toiletries, and necessities for quick hair touch ups are ready at my fingertips.  sex toys are laid out and ready to go. the key is to make it as easy and quickly as possible to clean up, touch up and change outfits between each shoot so no time is wasted - we have a tight schedule and anyone who knows me well knows i am past the point of obsessive-compulsive when it comes to that damn schedule.

by this time, the VP has settled in and we run into each other somewhere in the house and plot our war strategy.  we go over the list of guys who have signed up to shoot, and decide what kind of shoot we will be doing with him, and i make sure i have all the accessories we need for the shoots (last time, i realized that night that i forgot the whipped cream for a very messy food hardcore fucking shoot, and had to run out to get that).  then the conversation rolls into other business matters, like getting my new, independent, 100% MINE site up and running.  

by this time, the VP is on florida time, still, and is yawning, so it's time to say good night and off to bed.

for years, i could never sleep well the night before a shoot but lately that hasn't been the case.  

it's about midnight now but i am tired because i've been up at what i consider the crack of dawn today, so i conk out with little difficulty and get a good night's sleep and am up at 8 am (7 am on the days we have anal shoots scheduled so i can prepare) to get ready for SHOOT DAY #1!!!  

i usually have weird dreams the night before a shoot.  sometimes my subconscious is telling me things it is worried about that could happen during a shoot so i listen to it and try to recall as best i can the dreams i had, so i can make sure all disasters are avoided!

i don't know why, but i am usually never hungry on shoot days.  i rarely eat during the whole week.  but lately, the only reason i eat is because The VP forces me to.  he makes me something while he is making his food, and i will reluctantly eat it, knowing it will keep me energized all day and i'll need the energy (i am currently caffeine free!).  but breakfast this morning is just not an option, unless the VP ran out to Mickey D's and brought me some of those delicious gooey sticky mini buns they sell.  there's just no time for anything else. 

this year, i spoiled myself and hired a professional hair and makeup artist to come every morning and "do me."  so after a meticulous shower and making sure i didn't miss any hairy spots, she arrives and does my hair and makeup.  she is a perfectionist and fusses incessantly over me. damn, where did those lines on my face and crows feet go?  wish she could do that magic on my double chin and big belly...and my hair hasn't looked this good since....never!

she brings good tunes, and we get ready while listening to the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack (she and i further bond over our mutual fanaticism over SoA).  i am feeling so relaxed, yet so excited.

by now, it's 10 am already!  holy shit! time for the first stunt cock to arrive!  where has the time gone?  EEEEEEKK!  my nipples get hard, my pussy starts to tingle, my cheeks get flushed, i get butterflies in my stomach, my heart starts to beat faster, because i know that in just a matter of minutes, i will be doing what i love best - fucking a sweet, handsome, virile, sexy man!

i race over to my porn clothes, and get dressed in the first porn outfit of the day.

THE END (of part 1)

part two coming soon - SHOOT DAY #1

Thursday, September 18, 2014

why i get mad when fans tell me they love my porn....that they saw on a free website.

i've been in the adult industry for over nine years now.  i can't believe it.  and i got a late start at it.  how late, exactly, i wont say ;-)  but let's just say i am starting to think about entering the GILF market.  and my only regret is that i didn't start sooner, and that i didn't get hooked up with a quality photographer sooner.

so, over the last nine years, there's been a lot of porn i've made!  it thrills me when people pay hard earned money to get my product.  it validates me, and all my hard work, and all the time and trouble it took to make that product.

back when i first started, i got together with my BFFs and we shot each other with no experience, no education about photography, no really great equipment, but a lot of enthusiasm and love for what we were doing.  

then over four years ago, i met someone who partnered with me, and he, throughout the years, invested thousands of dollars into photography equipment, paid for professional photography classes, and taught himself the art, yes, the ART of photography.  i've been impressed over the years at his dedication and desire to better himself at his craft, his passion.

so i stepped the ante, as well.

i now rent expensive "porn palaces" by the week, send the owners a hefty security deposit (some are refundable, some aren't!), get a nail fill, pedicure, facial, eyebrow wax, hair cut, hair color, eyelash extensions (big mistake on that one and will never do that again), massage, dozens of new porn clothes, several new "fuck me heels", new sex toys, and spend hours upon hours sending out shoot information and scheduling time slots for the guys who want to shoot with me.  plus time spent on social media letting people know about upcoming shoots if they'd like to shoot with us.

i also pay to fly my photographer/videographer/editor into vegas, round trip, and pay him a commission on all the hard work he does.

feeding people snacks and liquids and alcohol for 40 shoots can get quite pricey as well.

and for the first time, during my summer shoots in 2014, i had a paid bona fide hair design school graduate and make up artist fix me up every morning to make me camera ready.    

the summer 2014 shoots in vegas literally cost me thousands of dollars.  but i do this because i know that it will reap me a good return on my investment.  i wouldn't do it otherwise.  i consider myself a somewhat savvy business thinker, and while i am not always right, i do believe that it can take money to make money, and i do believe in consistently putting out a QUALITY product, because people will come back and buy more of your quality product.  

how do you think it makes us porn workers feel, especially those who are independent and rely on sales to make a living, when we hear that people are seeing it for free on a porntube site?  it can be demoralizing.  i love my fans and members who email me with a link and let me know that they've found my porn on a porntube site so i can send those sites a DMCA to take it down.  sorry, freeloaders, to spoil your fun, but you have no idea how much it cost to make that video. if you're going to post my porn for free, at least post my link so people know where to go to buy more.  that's the least you can do. 

i know our economy is in a sad state.  i know that $15 is a lot of money to a lot of people.  i know there are people who struggle paying their utilities and their rent or their mortgage or their car payment.  gawd, add on child support, food, car insurance, heath insurance, taxes - we are being beaten down.  but i feel like if someone has enough money for a smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection and the electricity to power it,  they can save up $15 to buy a video.

when someone says to me, "i love the free photos you post, but i want to see the x-rated stuff," and i ask them to join my site, they say they can't afford it.  if that's the truth, OK, i can accept that and understand that.  but unless you are at a public library, using their computer, their electricity and their internet connection, i would think you can afford to buy a membership or video of mine.

a lot of you have followed me for years and know that i keep positive, avoid drama, and hate to complain.  but when i spend LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to bring you high quality porn, shot with professional HD equipment, professional lighting, by a man who has spent years perfecting his craft, editing it on state-of-the-art editing equipment, and i have taken hours and spent a ton of money before my shoots to prepare myself physically at the salon, not to mention all the planning and coordinating and scheduling and buying of new props, only to hear someone say it's not worth it, we'll go find it on a free site, i feel like i should speak up.  because it's not just me.  it is thousands of fellow amateur porn people who have the same thing happening to them.

so, please don't ever question why your favorite amateur porn actress disappeared and no longer is in the business.  if you didn't support her in the most tangible way, by buying her product, most of us have no reason to stay.